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Louise Porter

Louise Porter Topless - Ladette to Lady - Zoo Pin Up Girl

Louise Porter found fame on the ITV reality TV series Ladette to Lady, which aims to turn girls who are classed as Ladette's (foul mouthed, drink alot, smoke and are often very sexually active) into more upper class ladies.

Louise starred in the second series of Ladette to lady which was shown on ITV in October 2006, but was kicked of due to her foul behaviour in the series.

Once Louise left the series, she appeared in the Men's weekly Magazine Zoo in a series of raunchy poses and now works as a full time glamour model.

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The third series of Ladette to Lady started in January 2008 and Louise made a shocking reappearance, after one of the Ladette's - Kelly Simpson from Cardiff, found it too much to cope with.

Louise's first appearance on series 3 of Ladette to Lady was aired on February 05 2008 and had 2 major additions to herself. She has had an amazing transformation of her boobs from a 34b up size to a staggering 34e ! Her boobs are definatly a welcome addition to her fans as Louise is now appearing in Lad's mags all over the country now.

Something tells me that Louise Porter is going to be one of the most successful UK glamour models of 2008 !

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